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  1. M&A property due diligence: it pays to do your homework
    09 Apr, 2019
    M&A property due diligence: it pays to do your homework
    Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are among the most significant activities that will take place in a business, typically to support future growth and business aspirations. They can take several forms – from a full business merger to the purchase of a specific asset or stock. In almost every M&A transaction, a purchaser will acquire an interest, whether freehold or leasehold, in at least one property asset. However, such assets are unlikely to be the driving force behind the M&A activity. If they
  2. How smart are our new motorways?
    08 Apr, 2019
    How smart are our new motorways?
    The smart motorway concept is much in evidence in the Thames Valley right now. Beth Wilson, senior consultant at transport planners and engineers, SYSTRA, based in Reading, weighs up the increasing arguments around their effects. In a world where technology is becoming more intelligent than us, with the likes of smartphones, smart TVs and even smart toothbrushes, just how ‘smart’ are smart motorways? Data obtained by Highways England suggests that congestion on our motorways and major road
  3. The new Blandys website - and the thinking behind it
    02 Apr, 2019
    The new Blandys website - and the thinking behind it
    When law firm Blandy & Blandy LLP told us about its new website, we asked its chairman, Brenda Long, to explain how a 285-year-old practice continues to adapt and evolve in the digital world. Twenty years on from the era when websites were little more than sales brochures or online ‘signposts’, Blandy & Blandy says its own has become one of its principal means of taking new instructions from clients. The Reading-based law firm and member of our UK Prop Social networking division, was
  4. How Slough spread the word at MIPIM
    29 Mar, 2019
    How Slough spread the word at MIPIM
    After attending MIPIM Cannes for the previous two years, Slough Borough Council was at the 2019 event, seeking to build on the progress made so far. Service lead for economic development, Shabnam Ali, explains how the borough approached it, some of the contacts that were made and where the team goes from here. Slough’s decision to attend this year was based on building on the work we have done in promoting the borough at MIPIM over the previous two years as well as actually seeking investors

April 8, 2019 - April 12, 2019

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