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FTC is a networking group that introduces property design and construction professionals from all disciplines across the Thames Valley and West of London. Networking events take place over a relaxed buffet lunch which provides the perfect networking environment for members. Each event is sponsored by a member who has the opportunity to invite their own guests and then make a short presentation before networking begins. Most events will feature special guest who will provide an overview on their future activities which provides attendees with a view of potential workload and new projects which are in the pipeline.

FTC Thames Valley events take place at Green Park Conference Centre on the first Tuesday of every month.  FTC Thames Valley has established itself as the leading networking club within the region, bringing participants together every month to gather, share skills and promote their organisations. 

FTC West of London is a new group held at the Curve Slough and follows on from the success of FTC Thames Valley. Networking events follow the same format at Thames Valley but take place on a quarterly basis.

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Few advertising options offer the chance to be seen by an audience of the key property professionals of this, the most dymanic region in the UK outside London.

TV Property can accommodate a small number of advertising spaces so if you want your brand to be seen by those who matter contact us on the button below for more information.

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