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  1. Affordable homes policy 'could threaten smaller schemes'
    19 Apr, 2017
    Affordable homes policy 'could threaten smaller schemes'
    Developer John Fisher says the requirement for affordable homes on small developments could threaten the viability - and therefore deliverability - of those schemes. Mr Fisher, managing director of Thames Valley housebuilder T A Fisher, says small developers seeking to maintain a high threshold of quality could find it difficult to incorporate both affordable houses and developer infrastructure contributions on smaller projects. Government changes to national planning policy have sought to
  2. Business rates during development
    06 Apr, 2017
    Business rates during development
    Rebecca Thomas, Partner - Professional Support at law firm BrookStreet des Roches, explains recent clarification on whether  business rates are due while a building is under refurbishment. The question of whether business rates are payable while a property is being redeveloped has been determined by the Supreme Court in a decision which will be welcomed by owners and developers. Overturning the Court of Appeal decision in Newbigin (Valuation Officer) v SJ & J Monk, it was held that where a
  3. Unintended side effects of a rent concession
    29 Mar, 2017
    Unintended side effects of a rent concession
    Following a recent judgement, a rent concession on a property could now be in very different legal territory. Martin Billings and Rosie Gibb, partners in the Real Estate department at BrookStreet des Roches, explain the full implications.  It is not unusual for a rent concession to be documented in a side letter, keeping the arrangement both confidential and personal to the tenant. It is also common for a side letter to contain provisions which allow the arrangement to be terminated if the
  4. Arrival of new rate bills heralds start of 2017 revaluation on April 1
    08 Mar, 2017
    Arrival of new rate bills heralds start of 2017 revaluation on April 1
    Vail Williams partner Stephen Hill explains some of the effects so far of the controversial rates revaluation.   The Valuation Office Agency has now finalised its revaluation of rateable values. The resultant changes in rate liability will come into force on April 1, 2017 and the new assessments will be used to calculate rate charges for at least the next five years. The arrival of rate demands over the next few days showing these new assessments will be in a number of instances a surprise

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